Working Without Fear of Deportation

In addition to wage increases, our members at LAX also won the emergency response training they need to be part of a comprehensive, “whole community” approach to maintaining safety. LAX will now [...]

End Poverty at Disney

Disneyland has long been a place where dreams are made possible- where people hope to experience a unique blend of fantasy and history, and sometimes a bit of magic.  We, the USWW members that [...]

End Rape on The Nightshift

As janitors we often work alone in the evening or late at night. We clock in after the last worker has flipped off the lights and locked the door. It’s tough work done for little pay in the [...]

End Poverty at Disney

A recent study shows us all exactly how stark the situation has become. “Working for the Mouse: A Survey of Disneyland Employees,” was released by researchers at Occidental College and the [...]