USWW Members from Disney Make their Voices Heard at the Annual Disney Shareholders Meeting

As members enter their contract negotiations, a new study reveals that 1 in 10 Disney employees have experienced homelessness in the past two years.

A group of USWW Members from the Disneyland Resort mde their voices heard outside of Walt Disney Co.’s shareholders meeting in Houston on Thursday, demanding the company provide a “living wage.”

The demonstration was the latest effort by a coalition of unions at the Anaheim theme parks that is pushing Disney executives to raise wages for the resort’s 30,000 workers during a profitable period for the Burbank media giant. Four of those unions, including SEIU-USWW are currently negotiating contracts.

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Disneyland Workers Demonstrate at Walt Disney Co.’s Shareholders Meeting in Houston, Demand ‘Living Wages’
Disneyland workers demonstrate at Walt Disney Co. meeting, demanding ‘living wages’

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