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Political Action

Political action makes a difference. Whether it’s the right to organize, immigration, healthcare or education, the decisions politicians make affect every aspect of our lives. We work to elect leaders that value working people and families over corporations and the very wealthy. We then work with those leaders to make sure that the system is working for families and not against them.

Thanks to the members of USWW, we have been able to win big for workers in California. From passing legislation to help prevent wage theft and rape on the night shift and passing a sanctuary workplace bill that will allow people to work without fear of deportation, to electing champions to local, state and national offices, USWW members are pushing forward a critical agenda.

Committee on Political Action

At a time when the billionaire class is looking to exploit us and remove the protections we have fought so hard for, USWW is fighting back, and winning. The only way this is possible is for all of our members to contribute to SEIU’s Committee on Political Education (COPE). COPE helps move forward our larger work that is designed to improve the lives of all working people, beyond the improvements that we win at the bargaining table.

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  • "I'm with USWW because before I had a union I had to work two jobs to make ends meet. By joining with my fellow janitors and forming a union, we won respect on the job and the chance to earn enough to live in California."

    Eduardo Janitor
  • "I'm with USWW because I think everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Joining together with other passenger service workers at LAX was the only way that I could have a strong voice on the job and joining together in a union is the only way working people can be strong advocates for themselves."

    Tim Maddux
    Tim Maddux Passenger Service Worker at LAX
  • "I was proud that our security contract campaign also took on the problem of discrimination on the job. Discrimination prevents young black people from getting jobs and keeps them from being able to care for their families. Discrimination is destroying our communities."

    Tiffany Dinkins
    Tiffany Dinkins Security Officer
  • "I was a victim of sexual violence while working as a janitor on the night shift. Working with my fellow janitors, we no only won a good contract that had new protections against sexual harassment and sexual violence, but we also passed a bill that extends these protections to all janitors in California. I'm so proud of the work I was able to do"

    Leticia Soto
    Leticia Soto Janitor

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