Airports Members from SFO Speak at City Hall to Raise Wages

Airport workers are fighting to raise the Minimum Compensation Ordinance for the City and County of San Francisco

Today, USWW members from San Francisco International Airport workers stood with other union workers in food service, nonprofit, retail, homecare, and other industries at San Francisco City Hall, to express the importance of raising the minimum wage to $16.86 on July 1, 2018.

The members were speaking at the committee meeting to urge them to pass the item out of Committee, today, with a good recommendation so that the full Board of Supervisors can vote on it. SFO member James Stinson summed it up best in his comments before the Committee “We all want to live the American dream. We want to buy a house. We want to raise kids. But, we can’t do it if we’re just working all the time. We’ve all got 2 or 3 jobs to make it by.”

In the end, the committee motioned for continuance until April 26th, saying that they want to take a deeper look at the amendments & said they are committed to looking at revenue streams in next week & get labor leaders together at the table to have a discussion.

We’re stronger together.

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