USWW is Proud to Welcome 31 New Members from Oakland International Airport

Over 70% of G2 workers at Oakland signed union cards

On Thursday, May 17, USWW welcomed 31 new members to the airport division. Workerss and executives from G2 came together to formally count cards signed by G2 members. The count showed that over 70% of the workers wanted to work together for a better future with SEIU-USWW.

After the celebration, the members got down to business. They learned about what it will take to win a good contract and how, by being active in the campaign, they can wotk together to win the thngs that will make a diference for themselves and their familes. The contract campaign begins now, as the unit will likely begin bargaining with G2 for their new contract this summer.

We’re stronger together.

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