AB 2079 Will Require Peer-to-Peer Training for all Janitors to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence on the Job

2018 Marks the Next Chapter in the Immigrant Women Rising Campaign

In 2016, SEIU-USWW passed groundbreaking legislation that provides important new protections for janitors and new obligations for janitorial contractors. AB1978 requires that all janitorial workers receive training on their rights, including identifying sexual harassment and assault, and the resources available to address sexual violence and harassment at work.

2018 marks the next chapter in the Immigrant Women Rising fight to end sexual harassment and assault on the job. AB 2079 puts immigrant women janitors and male ally janitors in the lead to train all workers in the sector. Women who have been trained as Promotoras will provide certified peer to peer training for janitors on sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. It will empower workers to take collective action together to change the culture in the janitorial industry that has for too long turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and violence.

Alejandra on PBS New Hour
Maria Gonzalez on AB2079

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