Nov. 6th Voter Guide


What You Need to Know to Volunteer Between Now and Election Day                                     Plus, a Voter Guide and a Polling Place Locator for Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th.

If you want to make significant change in the direction our Country is going and want to be a part of the “Blue Wave” make sure you volunteer between now and Election Day and Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6th.

Now more than ever, the candidates that we elect to office matter. There is an organized attack that is happening against working people called “The Right to Work” that is driving down wages and benefits for union and non-union workers. However, we have done a good job of electing champions that have helped our members improve their lives. Just this year, our elected champions have helped settle contracts for Silicon Valley security and at Disneyland, and have helped raise wages for airport workers in LA and San Francisco. In addition, our elected champions in Sacramento continue to help us push our legislative goals of ending rape on the night shift in all industries.

None of these victories would be possible without USWW members engaging in political action. This means talking to voters on the phone and at their homes to make sure they understand who is really fighting for working people. Make sure you volunteer to help keep our union strong. When We Fight, We Win!


To locate your polling place and to find SEIU endorsed candidates in your state and local races, Check Out Our Voter Guide


If you have questions about the statewide Propositions you can check out this guide. You can also download and print it for your family, friends and co-workers: 



Help take back Congress. Volunteer this Saturday, November 3rd to walk for Gil Cisneros for Congress (Souther California) and Josh Harder for Congress (Northern California). Download a turnout flyer and bring some to your worksite: 



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We’re stronger together.

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