2024 Endorsements & CA Online Voter Guide │ Español

Creating A Better California, Together.

SEIU Members across California are gathering at regional town halls to hear from candidates for district office, statewide office, and Congress. Members have exercised their voice and endorsed candidates who they believe will fight for our communities, support fair compensation, and the right to a union.

SEIU members need to elect people who will stick up for workers and who believe in investing in our next generation. We can do this by voting for these candidates who share our values.

National Candidates

Office Candidate
President of the United States Joe Biden

Ballot Measures

Measure Position
Prop 1: Authorizes $6.38 billion in bonds to build mental health treatment facilities for those with mental health and substance use challenges; provides housing for the homeless. Support

California Senate

District Candidate
SD-03 Jackie Elward
SD-05 Jerry McNerney
SD-07 Kathryn Lybarger
SD-09 Marisol Rubio
SD-11 Scott Wiener
SD-13 Josh Becker
SD-15 Dave Cortese
SD-17 John Laird
SD-19 Lisa Middleton
SD-21 Monique Limon
SD-23 Kipp Mueller
SD-25 Sasha Renee Perez
SD-27 Henry Stern
SD-29 Eloise Reyes
SD-31 Sabrina Cervantes
SD-33 Lena Gonzalez
SD-35 Michelle Chambers
SD-37 No Endorsement
SD-39 Akilah Weber

California Assembly

District Candidate
AD-02 Rusty Hicks
AD-06 Paula Villescaz
AD-07 Porsche Middleton
AD-12 Damon Connolly
AD-13 Rhodesia Ransom
AD-14 Buffy Wicks
AD-15 Monica Wilson
AD-16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
AD-17 Matt Haney
AD-18 Mia Bonta
AD-19 Catherine Stefani
AD-20 Liz Ortega
AD-21 Diane Papan
AD-22 Jessica Self
AD-23 Marc Berman
AD-24 Alex Lee
AD-25 Ash Kalra
AD-27 Esmeralda Soria
AD-28 Gail Pellerin
AD-29 Robert Rivas
AD-30 Dawn Addis
AD-31 Joaquin Arambula
AD-33 Angel Ruiz
AD-36 Joey Acuna
AD-37 Gregg Hart
AD-38 Steve Bennett
AD-39 Juan Carrillo
AD-40 Pilar Schiavo
AD-41 Dr. Phlunte Riddle
AD-43 Celeste Rodriguez
AD-44 Nick Schultz
AD-46 Jesse Gabriel
AD-47 Christy Holstege
AD-48 Brian Calderon Tabatabai
AD-49 Mike Fong
AD-50 DeJonae Shaw
AD-51 Rick Chavez Zbur
AD-52 DUAL: Jessica Caloza & David Giron
AD-53 Robert Torres
AD-54 Mark Gonzalez
AD-55 Isaac Bryan
AD-56 Lisa Calderon
AD-57 Sade Elawary
AD-58 Clarissa Cervantes
AD-59 No Endorsement
AD-60 Corey Jackson
AD-61 Tina McKinnor
AD-62 Jose Solache
AD-64 Blanca Pacheco
AD-65 Mike Gipson
AD-66 Al Muratsuchi
AD-68 Avelino Valencia
AD-69 Josh Lowenthal
AD-74 Chris Duncan
AD-76 Joseph Rocha
AD-77 Tasha Boerner
AD-78 Chris Ward
AD-79 No Endorsement
AD-80 David Alvarez

US Senate

Senate Candidate
SEIU members interviewed the candidates and agreed that all 3; Adam Schiff, Katie Porter and Barbara Lee, demonstrated they are true champions for workers and are committed to equity and justice for all. No Endorsement

US Congress

District Candidate
CD-03 Jessica Morse
CD-08 John Garamendi
CD-09 Josh Harder
CD-10 Mark DeSaulnier
CD-12 Lateefah Simon
CD-15 Kevin Mullin
CD-17 Ro Khanna
CD-18 Zoe Lofgren
CD-19 Jimmy Panetta
CD-22 Rudy Salas
CD-24 Salud Carbajal
CD-25 Raul Ruiz
CD-26 Julia Brownley
CD-27 George Whitesides
CD-28 Judy Chu
CD-29 Luz Rivas
CD-30 Anthony Portantino
CD-31 DUAL: Gil Cisneros & Bob Archuleta
CD-32 Brad Sherman
CD-34 Jimmy Gomez
CD-35 Norma Torres
CD-37 Sydney Kamlager-Dove
CD-38 Linda Sanchez
CD-39 Mark Takano
CD-40 No Endorsement
CD-41 Will Rollins
CD-42 Robert Garcia
CD-45 Kim Nguyen
CD-47 Dave Min
CD-51 Sara Jacobs

Los Angeles County

Office Candidate
County Board of Supervisors, District 2 Holly Mitchell
County Board of Supervisors, District 4 Janice Hahn
County Board of Supervisors, District 5 Kathryn Barger
LA City Council, District 2 Adrin Nazarin
LA City Council, District 4 Nithya Raman
LA City Council, District 6 Imelda Padilla
LA City Council, District 8 Marqueece Harris-Dawson
LA City Council, District 14 Miguel Santiago

Alameda County

Office Candidate
County Board of Supervisors, District 4 Nate Miley
County Board of Supervisors, District 5 Nikki Fortunato Bas

City of Sacramento

Office Candidate
Mayor Kevin McCarty
City Council, District 4 Katie Valenzuela
City Council, District 6 Eric Guerra
City Council, District 8 Mai Vang

Santa Clara County

Office Candidate
County Board of Supervisors, District 2 Betty Duong
San Jose City Council, District 8 Domingo Candelas

San Diego County

Office Candidate
County Board of Supervisors, District 3 Terra Lawson-Remer
San Diego City Council, District 9 Sean Elo-Rivera