Interview with a USWW Shop Steward

Interview With an SEIU-USWW Shop Steward

Q: How long have you been a shop steward?
Gustavo: I got my certification on 01/27/2023 for Shop Steward for the Security Officers working for AUS in the SF Bay Area.Q: What led you to become a steward?

Gustavo: During a meeting with my union representative, Jennifer Dyer she asked me if I was interested in becoming a Shop Steward. I said yes, I would love it.Q: Have you ever had to come to the union for aid before taking on the role as a steward?

Gustavo: I’ve been a union member for 13 years and I did contact the Union a couple times.Q: What are you passionate about?

Gustavo: I love to learn. I like my job and I like helping my coworkers.Q: What changes would you like to achieve?
Gustavo: I would like every union member to be proud of being SEIU-USWW members.


Q: What is the message you’d like to get out to the members of the SEIU-USWW security division?
Gustavo: A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a written legal contract between an employer and union members. We are covered.

Q: What would make the union stronger?
Gustavo: Organize and get more involved to stand together.