Updated: November 21st, 2021

Based on the partial “no” vote on November 17th, the Master Services Council will be holding another vote on December 3rd. Please read the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for a full overview. This message only applies to members that work at Disneyland park. DCA has a ratified contract but Disneyland Park does not. This means that only Disneyland Cast Members will be voting.

Why are we voting again?

On November 5th, the Master Services Bargaining Committee tentatively agreed to Disney’s modified last, best and final offer. Disney’s offer included the highest general wage increases ever negotiated with Disney, as well as bonuses up to $2,000 for long-term cast members. This offer was conditional on ratification by November 17th. On November 17th, Master Services Cast Members ratified the tentative agreement for DCA but rejected it for Disneyland park. Of USSW Cast Members at Disneyland who voted, 60% did so to reject recommendation by the bargaining committee and instead voted to authorize the bargaining committee to hold a strike. As per our constitution and bylaws, a strike authorization vote requires a 75% threshold in order for it to be sanctioned, which was not met.

Since this offer was contingent upon it being ratified by the 17th, Disney had no obligation to come back to the table to renegotiate a better agreement but has conceded to a second vote, contingent on it being voted and ratified by December 3rd. This offer includes the original offer that was voted on November 17th. Therefore, SEIU USWW’s Disneyland bargaining committee has called for a new vote on December 3rd and it is critical that members understand that the choice that day will be to accept the new contract offer or to go on strike. By allowing this 2nd vote, we want to give members the opportunity to be informed of what a yes or no vote means that day. More information will be forthcoming over the next two weeks up until December 3rd.

I voted to strike on November 17th. Why can’t we strike now?

USWW’s constitution and bylaws require at least 75% of those voting to authorize a strike. Since we only reached roughly 60% on November 17th, this threshold was not met and therefore, we will have to hold another strike authorization vote. This vote will also give the chance to the 50% or so of those who did not vote on November 17th to have an opportunity to have their voice heard in this important matter.

Why are only Disneyland Cast Members voting?

Although DCA and Disneyland Park are negotiated together for convenience bargaining, they are separate contracts. Therefore, DCA has a ratified contract but Disneyland Park does not. This means that only Disneyland Cast Members will be voting.

If we vote yes on December 3rd, will we get our $3 dollar wage increase?

If a majority of those voting vote yes on December 3rd, you will receive the following wage increase:

  • $1 per hour increase, retroactive pay from 6/16/2021
  • $1 per hour increase effective Nov. 17th, 2021 (moved up from June 2022)
  • $1 per hour increase on 6/16/2023

For long-term cast members, those who were hired on or before 6/16/2001 would get $2000 (for full-time) and $1000 (for part-time) bonuses. For those who were hired between 6/17/2001 and 6/16/2011, they would get $1000 (for full-time) and $500 (for part-time) bonuses.

Why are we voting on the same contract and not negotiating a new one?

At this time, Disney has conceded to allow this contract to be reintroduced for a revote, with an improved offer of moving the 2022 increase to go into effect on November 17th and the bonuses for Disneyland cast members who have worked for 10 or 20 years. The caveat to this for us as USWW is that this is a strike authorization vote in accordance with our constitution and bylaws.