Online Action to Support Veterans in San Diego

Support Veterans in San Diego

Tony Peterson is a retired Army Veteran who protects the people of San Diego as a full-time security officer. He isn’t alone–one out of every four security officers in San Diego is a veteran. Despite their skills, training and discipline, many Veterans who work as security officers are struggling to get by.

Why? Many of San Diego’s biggest security contractors—including Guard Management Inc (GMI), the 3rd largest security company in San Diego—often pay officers less than $12 per hour–far less than what is needed for security officers to care for their families.

“I’m struggling to make it all work out. The only way I can get by is to work 60 hours or more, every week. But that comes at a cost. I give up time with my family and I barely see my 8-year-old. She’s a happy artistic kid and I miss spending time with her.”

NuVasive has hired GMI to protect their property. GMI has a long and documented track record as a contractor that fails to respect the rights of security officers.

Over several years, GMI security officers have made allegation after allegation against GMI related to substandard working conditions. These allegations have resulted in lawsuits and other legal complaints filed by security officers in an effort to protect and enforce their rights. GMI has settled some of these complaints, but has not taken sufficient steps to mitigate the problems that lead officers to take legal action.

This Veterans Day, take a second to tell NuVasive to hire only responsible security companies who treat security officers with respect. Visit HERE to join our on-line action.

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