SEIU-USWW Workshare Program

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What is the SEIU-USWW Workshare Program? 

The SEIU-USWW Workshare Program is a program that your union negotiated with janitorial employers to save jobs during the COVID-19 crisis. Where building owners agree to implement the program, Workshare protects your job by allowing the employer to cut hours by no more than 30% at your worksite instead of laying off employees, provided your employer maintains your health benefits despite the reduction in hours. In addition, you may be eligible to receive a special type of unemployment benefit to help you make up the lost income.

Workshare Program Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Workshare Program
  • Step-by-step guides and videos on how to fill out Workshare claims forms
  • Video of an overview of the Workshare Program
  • An instructional video on how to use Zoom
  • Additional resources for USWW members during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Join USWW’s weekly Saturday Zoom call to learn more about Workshare (see info below)
  • If you have reviewed all of these resources, contacted your union representative/organizer, and still have questions about the program, call the Building Skills Partnership Hotline with your questions (see info below)

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