100 Women Walk 100 Miles to End Rape on the Night Shift

San Francisco—This month, hundreds of California janitors and supporters marched 100 miles through the heat and streets to the capitol in Sacramento to support the Janitorial Survival Empowerment Act—AB2079—which requires job training for cleaners to help protect workers from sexual harassment and prevent violence in the workplace.

The week-long journey kicked off with a rally at City hall which called on Governor Jerry Brown to pass the bill requiring janitorial employers set up an advisory committee to oversee and implement sexual harassment training–including peer-training so immigrant women can educate one another about the risks involved when cleaning on the night shift.

The 100-mile journey concluded with union members and supporters participating in an emotional civil disobedience at the Capitol steps. “Every step we take is one more step for justice in the name of all the women who have not come forward, that have been scared, that have been embarrassed or humiliated,” said Olga Miranda, President of SEIU Local 87.

As of this writing, Governor Brown has not signed #AB2079. “If Jerry Brown doesn’t sign this law, we will work with greater strength to get it passed,” said cleaner Lupe Rosales.



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