The Government Shutdown Was Ended by Airport Workers

The Federal Government Shutdown Was Ended by Airport Workers

The long federal government shutdown was devastating for thousands of workers, as well as for the people who rely on all the services those workers provide. Our government would still be shut down today if it weren’t for the actions of airport workers across the country.

TSA workers and air traffic controllers called in sick as many employees were reporting that they were not able to report to work due to financial limitations, causing major delays at airports across the country. SEIU-USWW LAX Executive Board member Armando Munoz (pictured above) was among the airport workers who spoke out in solidarity on behalf of those who were not getting paid due to the shutdown.

The victory we won through our actions is one example of what is possible when airport workers join together for the things we know are right. When we stand united we are unstoppable. Coming together as a union we have the power to make a brighter future for ourselves and our families.

SEIU-USWW airports members, let’s keep fighting in 2019 and beyond!

Northen California passenger service workers: click here to fill out a bargaining survey today and be part of our historic fight as we move toward winning a strong contract that unites passenger service workers for stonger standards across employers.

Menzies and Covenant Aviation Security members: be part of the fight as we move toward winning a strong contract for ourselves and our families in 2019.

LAX workers: Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events to build power for LAX workers and fight back against the ongoing attacks on our standards.

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We’re stronger together.

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