SFO Passenger Service Bargaining Update

Fighting Together For Good Union Jobs and Respect

Your bargaining committee has been meeting with ABM, G2, Prime Flight, and Prospect, to negotiate a

new airport wide contract. While this is happening your old contract is still in place and you can enforce your rights. In negotiations we have already reached agreement with the companies on some issues important to us. These protections will be a part of our new contract.

What we have won so far:

Meet Your Bargaining Committee!

Dignity and Respect:
*Supervisors and managers must treat employees with dignity and respect

Harassment and Discrimination:
*Strict rules against harassment and discrimination
*Employees must be trained in rules about harassment
*Strong protections for employees who report harassment

Union Rights:
*Employees may have a union steward present in any investigatory meeting.
*Management may not interfere with organizers talking to members during their meals and rest periods

Fair Process for Discipline:
*There must be a fair reason for discipline
*Disciplinary notices will expire after eighteen months
*Employers must provide a copy of third party complaints

Negotiations are continuing. We are fighting for:

*Higher wages to address the high cost of living
*Affordable medical coverage for ourselves and our families
*Improvements in vacation and sick leave
*Safe wheelchairs that are in working order and sanitized
*No lifting more than what is required in our job description
*Cabin cleaners not required to clean both the bathroom and galley on the same airplane.

Despite making record profits, big airlines are cutting corners that endanger workers and travelers alike in their rush for even higher profits.

Join together with your co-workers to support our campaign for a fair contract!

Come join us in our next day of action on November 20th.

We’re stronger together.

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