SEIU-USWW Statement Calling for Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas Conflict

SEIU-United Service Workers West (USWW), which represents nearly 50,000 janitors, security officers, airport workers, and event and entertainment workers across California, demands an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

SEIU-USWW believes that all Israelis and Palestinians deserve safety, freedom from violence, and the opportunity to thrive. SEIU-USWW unequivocally condemns the horrific attacks by Hamas that took place on October 7th and claimed the lives of at least 1,400 Israeli residents. 

We also condemn the indiscriminate bombing by the Israeli government against civilians in Gaza, which has claimed the lives of at least 9,000 Palestinians, nearly 4,000 of them children.

Many of our members were uprooted from their home countries due to war and violence and forced to migrate to the United States. We know painfully well the devastation of war and state violence.

Our tax dollars cannot continue to be used to further the spiral of violence that disproportionately impacts Palestinian and Israeli civilians, especially children.

We are committed to working for a future where every child, from Gaza City to Tel Aviv and across the globe, can be safe, happy and live with dignity.

We strongly urge all members of the California Congressional Delegation to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.