SEIU-USWW Disneyland Workers Win New Contract

After months of hard work, SEIU-USWW members and all Disneyland workers who are part of the “Master Services Council” voted to approve a new three year deal on Thursday, July 26. Over half of our Disneyland members voted with a strong majority to ratify our new three-year contract with unprecedented increases for all cast members.

The deal, which puts members up to a minimum wage rate of $15 per hour by January 2019, and includes three wage increases of 3% for workers already making above $15, was a direct result of our members taking action to pressure Disney around making a deal.

Congratulations to all of our Disneyland SEIU-USWW membership, with a special thanks to those members who took the brave step to talk about the personal hardships that came as a result of their working conditions. Your willingness to share your stories were the key to pressuring Disney into agreeing to such a substantial wage increase.

“Its important for Disney, as the largest employer in Orange County, to recognize the struggles workers go through as the cost of living continues to rise in the area,” said Artemis Bell, a Disneyland night shift custodian and SEIU-USWW bargaining committee member. “With this contract, we are one step closer to a better situation for thousands of employees who put so much energy and heart into their jobs.”

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