Officers Continue Claiming Triumphs in Partnership With Union

Officers Fight and Win Battle to Bring Back Chairs

Through a petition and direct worker action, officers at Vornado at 555 California in San Francisco fought for and forced the client to bring chairs back that the client removed. Officers went two months without chairs. Officers continue fighting for a long-term solution to the issue with Allied Universal, seeking compensation for inadequate seating. Chairs had been removed by client demand, affecting 12 officers at the site. The 52-story skyscraper is one of the tallest skyscrapers west of the Mississippi.

Over 300 Members Sign on to COVID-19 Pay Grievance – Tens of Thousands at Stake

Since the COVID-19 grievance survey launched last month, over 300 members responded about missing or late COVID-19 pay. Fighting side-by-side with union representatives, members are collectively battling to receive tens of thousands of dollars in overdue pay. Having seen unprecedented instances of wage theft, the Union filed this grievance with Allied Universal for officers in the Silicon Valley, Kaiser and San Francisco Bay Area. If you’ve lost pay due to COVID, fill out this form. 

Over $20,000 in Back Pay Awarded; Members Reinstated

  • San Francisco member received job reinstatement and $8,000 in backpay.
  • Termination removed plus $6,625 in back pay to a member who was improperly terminated.
  • Member returned to work after maternity leave plus $4,116.32 in back pay after suffering from maternity discrimination and suspension.
  • Transfer granted plus $2,849.76 in back pay awarded to a member who was suspended due to retaliation.
  • Termination removed, member returned back to work plus $1,828.00 in back pay awarded to a member that was improperly suspended, terminated and denied Weingarten rights.
  • Member’s write up and final warning for insubordination was dropped and removed from their record.

These are only a few examples of several triumphs achieved through YOUR union, for members like you. You have rights. We are united and we are here for you.

If you feel you have been unfairly suspended, terminated, discriminated against or subject of any other unjust matters, contact your union organizer or your shop steward.

United, WE win.