Menzies Bargaining Update


Hello Everyone! 

This is Kevin Orange- I’m a Menzies employee at LAX and member of our bargaining committee. We are working hard to win a strong new contract for Menzies workers at SFO and LAX, and we met to continue bargaining on March 19 and 20 to discuss wages.

Unfortunately, we are not close to any agreement. As you can see from the following charts, we are far apart on our wage proposals:

We need to show Unity to get what we deserve.  You can see at the picture at the top that SFO members have already shown unity by wearing buttons. LAX members: we’re asking everyone to be prepared to wear stickers next week.  LAX Menzies employees please contact Francisco Mariano (TBIT eve), Melvoy Ewing (warehouse am), and me, Kevin Orange (TBIT am) for more information.

Let’s all be part of the fight as we move toward winning a strong contract for ourselves and our families in 2019!

We’re stronger together.

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