Disneyland Paying Employees Through April 18: USWW Statement and Q&A

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SEIU-USWW Statement Re: Disneyland Paying Employees Through April 18:

Considering the ongoing public health crisis happening throughout California and the nation, we applaud the decision of the company to maintain salaries and healthcare coverage for regularly scheduled employees as the park stays closed at least through April 18. It is clearly the right thing to do for hard working cast members.

We also understand many members were experiencing anxiety as the company was staying silent on their intentions in recent days. That’s why our union SEIU-USWW, along with other unions under the master services contract and in the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions, sent a letter to management on March 26th calling the question and demanding to know what was happening. It is simply unfair to keep workers in a state of limbo and worried about medical insurance, rent, food and other necessities. Additional actions of this nature may be necessary in the coming weeks.

There are also many questions that we still need answers to as it pertains to their decision. Our union will continue to fight and engage manangement to get the best possible results for our membership. We will continue to update everyone as future information becomes available. It is still our position that Disney keep workers whole during the duration of this shutdown.

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