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We have established an MOU agreement with a potential recall process in the future with Disney. It is a two wave process – where in the beginning you may decline and remain on furlough then in the second wave call if you are unable to return work you would need to arrange a leave of absence. The recall process will be by seniority and job knowledge. Also, in the agreement there is a health screening checklist and preventive measures. Please be expecting a call from Disney. Currently, returning is voluntary for the week of 6/28/20, but any future calls will potentially fall on this agreement. Thank you for your patience. Below is an explanation of the process and a link to the MOU.



The General Recall Process:

  • Recall is being done by location/scheduling group.
  • The most senior FT of any land/area will be called back first.
  • The seniority order begins with Full-time (FT) then moves to Part-time (CR)
  • You will have a 7 day advanced notice of when you are supposed to be recalled.
  • You will have the option of finalizing your recall through the hub or via phone
  • The hub will also have the option to decline, or, you can via phone
  • A follow up phone call will be given no less than 45 minutes later if you missed the initial phone call and were unable to report your answer on the hub or call back
  • The recall process is projected to have 2 waves:
    • 1st wave: ok to decline and remain on furlough
    • 2nd wave: either accept the work, go on an approved leave of absence, or relinquish your position
  • If positions remain open after the seniority list has been exhausted, the call backs will be forced from bottom up; least senior CR up to the most senior FT still on furlough
  • So long as it is feasible, an employee can decline the initial call back and remain on furlough without jeopardizing their unemployment benefits, medical benefits or seniority
  • Your lead/trainer status will not be affected if you need to decline the recall.
  • It is imperative that you answer the phone call when received, and/or return the phone call if missed it.
  • If there is an unforeseen reason why you are unable to answer/return the phone call in a timely manner you will have 3 days to accept so long as there are still available shifts.
  • If there is an unforeseen reason why you were unable to give any kind of reply for the first wave of recall you will be skipped and will remain on furlough



  • Pay will be based off your scheduled shift with premiums that would be applied if any, if an employee were to contract COVID-19 for up to 80 hours. This is for the period July 5, 2020 – December 31, 2020.
  • If Disney notifies an employee that they need to self-isolate due to business related COVID-19, pay will be based off your scheduled shift with premiums that would be applied if any for up to two weeks.
  • The company will notify the unions within a 48 hour window of any confirmed COVID-19 cases that may arise.
  • A health screening checklist will be provided by the company
    • It is the expectation that it each employee will do the home check prior to leaving for their shift
    • Please notify the appropriate contact if you are unable to report as soon as possible
    • The company has agreed that for the period July 5, 2020 – September 1, 2020, no attendance occurrence will be issued for this.
  • A secondary temperature check will be done with a contactless thermometer when you arrive to work after clocking in
    • It will be done by a leader or other person designated by the company
    • If your temperature is above 100.4 and you need the cooling off period, that will be on the clock
    • Cooling off period will be about 5 minutes
    • If a temperature still exist you will be sent home and report pay will be based on contractual language please refer to the contract.
  • The Company has implemented a number of health and safety measures for employees at work, such as increasing the frequency of cleaning in work areas, adjusting practices to promote physical distancing and emphasizing health and safety amongst employees
    • All guests will be required to wear masks and cannot go into an indoor location without a mask.
    • There have been changes to queues, eating areas, cash registers and cleaning products
    • Personal Hand sanitizer will be provided for all, and refill stations will be available
    • Face shields will be given and ok to use in addition to the mask where 6 ft. social distancing is not obtainable.
    • Plexi glass will be added where appropriate
  • All existing approved time off/vacation requests will be honored
  • At the request of the Unions, a shop steward meeting will be convened and there shall be discussion of ongoing safety agenda items
    • If safety concerns arise please notify a shop steward and/or your Union representative so it can be addressed
  • The Company has not agreed to the Union’s demand that texting be available on premises and that employees be paid for time off if told to self-quarantine by medical professional.
  • The Company has agreed to ongoing discussions regarding health and safety measures including the Union’s proposals for COVID-19 testing and paid time off when advised to self-quarantine by a medical professional.




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