SEIU United Service Workers West unites property service workers across California to build strong communities, support access to quality, affordable health care for everyone, and to restore the American Dream.


CLICK TO TWEET! Tweet: #LAXishappening means $8.5 billion investment & still shortchanging vulnerable passengers & wheelchair attendants @flyLAXairport #AVSG We did it! Thanks to your help we were able to collect some really valuable feedback from passengers who have flown …

People who require assistance during travel or those who know people who require assistance during travel please take our survey

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Fast For Fifteen #PovertyWagesDon’tFly

  (Click above image to enlarge) Brothers and Sisters, I am reaching out to ask for your support on Monday, November 23rd at LAX. Over a dozen LAX workers and supporters will go on a three day fast to bring …

Post 9/11 Veterans in San Diego County

I wanted to share with all of you that the San Diego Security Campaign Team hosted a  Security Veteran Luncheon event. Our research team gave an excellent and clear presentation about their research findings which were very interesting. All four security officers …

Denying Meal and Rest Breaks —The New Chic With Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Elsa and women like her go to work every day to provide for their families, give their children an opportunity to succeed in this country. Like her parents did before her. And yet she is being cheated out of hard earned wages, forced to eat in a van when there is a Petrossian Champagne and Caviar bar less than 200 feet away.

Let’s Make It Universal

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Community to Escalate Against Building Service Company Worsening Living Standards for Struggling Families

WHAT: Protest against treatment of maintenance workers in controversial high-rise apartment project.

WHEN: Thursday, October 23rd at noon.

WHERE: Park Merced External Leasing Office. 3711 Nineteenth AVE, San Francisco, CA 94132.

Security Officers React to “Dream Crusher”: An Online Game that Sheds Light on Growing Income Inequality in Silicon Valley

“While I usually enjoy the problem-solving aspect of video games, I grew increasingly frustrated with Dream Crusher because I knew that it was more than just an unbeatable game. It’s my real life,” said Ben Ortiz after playing Dream Crusher, …

Security Officers, Community Supporters Urge Apple to Pay Taxes for Bay Area Upkeep

As millions of Americans pay our taxes today, Bay Area security officers and community supporters called on Apple Inc. to pay taxes on some of an estimated $102 billion the company is holding overseas. Activists gathered outside a San Francisco …

A tragedy at LAX

Support the fund for the family of Cesar Augusto Valenzuela’s family. On friday, February 21, Cesar was killed, working for Menzies Aviation at LAX