SEIU United Service Workers West unites property service workers across California to build strong communities, support access to quality, affordable health care for everyone, and to restore the American Dream.

USWW Janitors Lead the San Diego Women’s March

SEIU-USWW members played important roles in the Women’s Marches all around California, but nowhere were we more important than in San Diego, where the Union Tribune described us as “loud, proud and invaluable.” The article describes how the same brave women …

Starting A Movement Against Sexual Abuse

SEIU-USWW members and their actions to fight back against sexual abuse in the workplace are featured in the newly released version of “Rape on the Night Shift,” the groundbreaking PBS documentary. The original version of the documentary inspired members of our …

Living Wage Victory at LAX

SEIU-USWW workers at LAX won an important victory on Tuesday December 5th as the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to changes in the Los Angeles Airport living wage ordinance that translate to wage increases for thousands of employees. LAX …

Support Janitors Against Unfair Labor Practices

Show your support for janitors! Janitors mop, clean, and take out the trash in the buildings of California’s most successful businesses and tech companies.  They work day and night, at 2 a.m., and often alone. Immigrant janitors contribute so much to …

Security celebrates victory

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Janitors Put Irresponsible Contractors on Notice — We’ll Escalate Actions to Fight Low Wages and Sexual Assault in Janitorial Industry

Janitors Say “Ya Basta!” “Enough!” to Hazardous Working Conditions, Poverty Wages, and Abuses Ranging From Wage Theft to Sexual Harassment and Assault From Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, janitors poured through the streets to launch a …


CLICK TO TWEET! Tweet: #LAXishappening means $8.5 billion investment & still shortchanging vulnerable passengers & wheelchair attendants @flyLAXairport #AVSG We did it! Thanks to your help we were able to collect some really valuable feedback from passengers who have flown …

People who require assistance during travel or those who know people who require assistance during travel please take our survey

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Fast For Fifteen #PovertyWagesDon’tFly

  (Click above image to enlarge) Brothers and Sisters, I am reaching out to ask for your support on Monday, November 23rd at LAX. Over a dozen LAX workers and supporters will go on a three day fast to bring …

Post 9/11 Veterans in San Diego County

I wanted to share with all of you that the San Diego Security Campaign Team hosted a  Security Veteran Luncheon event. Our research team gave an excellent and clear presentation about their research findings which were very interesting. All four security officers …

SEIU-USWW Kicks Off First-Ever National Infectious Disease Control Training for Contracted Out Airport Workers

*** Media Advisory for Tuesday, October 6th ***   SEIU-USWW Kicks Off First-Ever National Infectious Disease Control Training for Contracted Out Airport Workers Joins with responsible contractors to train airport workers on infectious disease prevention at LAX in the first …

Renewing Our Commitment In Silicon Valley

In 1909, the American Federation of Labor passed a Resolution stating that the Sunday preceding Labor Day should be dedicated to the “spiritual and educational aspects of the labor movement.” To honor that resolution, SEIU-USWW along with our partners at …

Denying Meal and Rest Breaks —The New Chic With Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Elsa and women like her go to work every day to provide for their families, give their children an opportunity to succeed in this country. Like her parents did before her. And yet she is being cheated out of hard earned wages, forced to eat in a van when there is a Petrossian Champagne and Caviar bar less than 200 feet away.

Let’s Make It Universal

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Workers Across California Join Coast-to-Coast Marches Commemorating 25th Anniversary of “Justice for Janitors” Strike

Workers Renew Effort to Fight Poverty; Focus on Halting Wage Theft Thousands of workers participated in rallies and marches across California in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of “Justice for Janitors Day,” with 30 cities across the country holding commemorative actions.  …

Join Justice for All Week — Make History Again

What the janitors did 25 years ago set the stage for the modern movement for $15 an hour and union rights. Join us to make history again. Thursday, June 18 marches across the state: Los Angeles Starts at noon. Roxbury Park …

We Are The Face of Silicon Valley

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On International Workers’ Day, We Raise Our Voices to Raise America

As we approach the 25th anniversary of Justice for Janitors demonstrations that sparked the modern movement for $15 an hour minimum wage, we celebrate the sacrifice and hard work of janitors that contributed to changing the way the world looks …

Community to Escalate Against Building Service Company Worsening Living Standards for Struggling Families

WHAT: Protest against treatment of maintenance workers in controversial high-rise apartment project.

WHEN: Thursday, October 23rd at noon.

WHERE: Park Merced External Leasing Office. 3711 Nineteenth AVE, San Francisco, CA 94132.