USWW Janitors Lead the San Diego Women’s March

SEIU-USWW members played important roles in the Women’s Marches all around California, but nowhere were we more important than in San Diego, where the Union Tribune described us as “loud, proud and invaluable.”

The article describes how the same brave women who have been fighting back against the kind of harassment and abuse detailed in the PBS documentary Rape on the Night Shift were at the forefront of the San Diego Women’s March, leading in areas like security and crowd control.

SD Womens March“These veterans of labor marches and the 2017 San Diego Women’s March got there early, stayed late and had the time of their lives.Many SEIU-USWW members are involved in continuing the fight to protect janitors from rape and sexual harassment, and are meeting on an ongoing basis to work on legislative goals for upcoming years, which will focus on the implementation of AB 1978, including who will conduct the mandatory trainings and the curriculum, as well as how the State will enforce the contractor registry system.”

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