Support Janitors Against Unfair Labor Practices


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Janitors mop, clean, and take out the trash in the buildings of California’s most successful businesses and tech companies.  They work day and night, at 2 a.m., and often alone.

Immigrant janitors contribute so much to our local economies with their hard work, striving to achieve better lives for themselves and their families. For 25 years, they have fought to raise standards in the janitorial industry – to offer the best quality of service in the buildings they work in and to have better working conditions.

But janitorial companies at the bargaining table want to take janitors backwards on that progress by engaging in unfair labor practices, and offering wages that do very little to keep up with the rapidly increasing costs of living.

Janitors are standing up to raise standards that can benefit everyone, because all workers deserve respect and dignity on the job and no one should have to go through intimidation, harassment, violence, and exploitation.
Stand with Janitors! Click here to sign the petition.  
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