Elected Leaders Show support for Silicon Valley Janitors as they Prepare Possible Strike!

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THANK YOU for standing behind janitors in the Silicon Valley. 

The growth and success of the tech industry throughout California is the result of decades of strategic public investment programs that supports all stages of the industry’s development. These investments and incentives have paid off as tech has become a key driver of our economy. Today, California leads the nation in such areas as total tech employment and tech employee payroll, resulting in more local spending and economic prosperity. However, this prosperity has not reached tech’s own contracted service workers who clean and protect tech campuses.

We do not believe that an industry that brings in hundreds of billions of dollars in annual profits should be able to have a contracted workforce mired in poverty.  Janitors are determined this can’t go on, and are currently preparing to strike their contractors, if necessary, over unfair labor practices.

Thank you to the following elected leaders who support a continued and productive partnership with the tech industry, and call upon California’s tech companies to lift their contracted service workers out of poverty. Standing with us, you are on the side of justice.

Assembly Members:, Ian Calderon, Evan LowMiguel Santiago,  Phil Ting, Kevin McCarty, Lorena Gonzalez, Roger Hernández
State Senator Jim Beall
City Council Members: Ash Kalra, Tam Nguyen, Donald Rocha, Abel J. Guillen, Rebecca Kaplan, Dan Kalb
Supervisors: Wilma Chan, John Avalos, David Campos, London Breed, Norman Yee, Aaron Peskin, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, Malia Cohen
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