California Janitors Join Coast to Coast Actions:
Commemorating 25th Anniversary of “Justice for Janitors” Strike
 Workers Renew Effort to Fight Poverty in Marches Across California Thursday; Focus on Halting Wage Theft
CALIFORNIA – Thousands of workers across the state will rally to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Justice for Janitors Day” and renew their united fight with a focus on curbing wage theft that steals the American Dream from workers in low-wage jobs.

 In California, janitors are leading the fight against wage theft, a widespread practice by which unscrupulous employers undercut wages by paying workers for fewer hours than they actually work, pay less than the minimum wage, refuse to pay overtime as required by law, or misclassify workers as contractors.  Although federal, state and local laws prohibit such abuses, enforcement of critical labor laws lacks teeth, and few workers are able to recover any of their back pay even with a court ordered judgment in their favor.  Workers are leading the way to toughen enforcement at all levels, with recent victories in Los Angeles and Santa Clara County, and SB 588 (De León), The Fair Day’s Pay Act, is now being considered in the State Assembly.

The week of June 15 commemorates the day that became a flashpoint for one of the most successful underpaid worker campaigns in recent history and brought the Justice for Janitors movement onto the national scene.  What started as a peaceful worker protest ended with janitors being beaten by Los Angeles police officers. Janitors across the country are engaged in the largest private-sector organizing initiative in the country. Chicago and Cleveland won historic contracts earlier this year.

Events Across California

Janitors across the state will join their brothers and sisters in more than 30 cities across the country to hold commemorative actions and renew their commitment to wage justice for working families.  The following rallies will take place in California this Thursday, June 18:

Los Angeles
12 Noon
Roxbury Park at Roxbury Dr. and Olympic Blvd.
Century City
Contact: Refugio Mata (805) 428-4075;
Orange County
12 Noon
2601 Main St.
Contact: Marisol Rivera (714) 448-5378;
San Diego
12 Noon
750 B Street
San Diego
Contact: Genoveva Aguilar (619) 249-9597;
11 AM
300 Capitol Mall
Contact: Lino Pedres (916) 275-2039;
Santa Clara
12 Noon
3979 Freedom Circle
Santa Clara
Contact: Melissa Chadburn (213) 434-2929;







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