Silicon Valley Service Workers ‘Storm’ Apple for Good Jobs


The Bay Area’s storm of the century closed school districts across the region, but it couldn’t stop security officers from marching with the Rev. Jesse Jackson to Apple headquarters—or from delivering 20,000 signatures from their supporters!

“There’s another face of the tech industry—and you’re looking at it,” said Silicon Valley security officer Michael Johnson. “I have to w
atch every dollar I spend on food. It’s a constant struggle to stay above water. And on top of it all, I’m trying to put my son through college.”

At the march, Jackson and workers demanded Apple commit to responsible contracting, as they expand their quest to make Apple’s promise of inclusion and acceptance for all a reality for the low-paid service workers who provide security, janitorial and landscaping services in Silicon Valley.

Given the resilience of this crowd, it’s no wonder Silicon Valley service workers are on the rise. The action came after security officers and bus drivers at Google and Facebook won major victories.

Workers are fighting to correct the economic imbalance that leaves service workers in the shadow of tech’s success, working multiple jobs and still just scraping by in the land of plenty. Read more from the San Jose Mercury News.

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