SEIU-USWW and Menzies Aviation announce health and safety partnership at LAX

The Service Employees International Union, United Service Workers West (SEIU-USWW) and Menzies Aviation are pleased to announce the formation of a new and unique partnership which aims to create a gold standard initiative to promote safe working conditions for ramp workers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Menzies’ ramp, baggage and cargo service workers at LAX perform vital services without which the Southern California regional transportation network could not operate.  However, these aviation service workers operate heavy equipment in a high pressure, fast moving environment and LAX has seen more than its share of serious injuries and fatalities among aviation service workers in recent years.

This unique partnership will allow both Menzies and its employees to work together with the SEIU-USWW in setting new health and safety standards that will improve working conditions for the thousands of service workers who report to work at LAX every day.

The health and safety partnership program will incorporate several core elements, including:

  • Joint health and safety committees staffed by representatives of both SEIU-USWW and Menzies; by  experienced health and safety advocates;  and by peer-selected Menzies employees;
  • Worker health and safety training programs developed in collaboration with industry health and safety experts to address the particular hazards faced by LAX ground service workers;
  • New vehicle and heavy equipment inspection initiatives; and,
  • New communication channels for Menzies workers to raise health and safety concerns with top-level Menzies management to help promote a stronger culture of safety at LAX.
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