At Apple Stores Nationwide, Protestors Expose “Invisible Workforce” Behind iPhone 6

With the iPhone6 debuting in retail stores across the country, security officers and their supporters educated customers at Apple Stores across the country about big tech’s economic toll on struggling service workers who contribute to the industry’s success. As part of National Day of Action, Activists in over twenty cities across the country held protests in solidarity with Silicon Valley service workers.

As detailed in recent Wall Street Journal and USA Today articles, a new report reveals that big tech companies in Silicon Valley are creating a growing “invisible workforce of minority workers who clean, guard, maintain and cook on tech campuses every day, often for poverty-level wages and without benefits.”

Under the guise of lowering costs, big tech CEOs have outsourced jobs to low-paying contractors in order to boost their profits. However, the results are destabilizing the Silicon Valley: declining wages and a lower standard of living are keeping service workers from providing for their families and contributing to the local economy.

“What are customers really paying for?” said San Jose security officer Norman Meeks. “While tech CEOs such as Tim Cook make tens of millions, I’m holding down two full-time jobs in Silicon Valley just to support my family.”

Local and national supporters are calling on Apple—whose iPhone products have generated over $70 billion in revenues in 2014 alone—to lead the way towards fixing the country’s grave economic imbalance by making sure all workers who contribute to the company’s success have good, family-supporting jobs.

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