The Washington Post: Apple and Other Tech Giants Are “Bad Neighbors” to Security Workers, Bay Area Community

As Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the company’s 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, activists from SEIU United Service Workers West and the community rallied outside the event to call on the tech giant to do their part in improving the Bay Area so that all families can thrive and succeed.

Demonstrators highlighted the ways Apple skirts its responsibility to local communities, including its notorious gimmicks to avoid paying a fair share in taxes. As The Washington Post reported, “Apple has denied claims that it’s using loopholes to pay less than its fair share…But local activists such as those who protested Monday say that if that were the case, the Bay Area would have flourished along with those companies.”

Workers are also feeling left behind. Despite contributing to the staggering success of tech companies like Apple and others, many Silicon Valley security officers still struggle to make ends meet. And the public resources that help families prosper have been depleted, such as early childhood education and affordable public housing.

What’s the solution? Read more about how SEIU-USWW is calling on Apple to pay its fair share in taxes and support good, full-time jobs for security officers in Silicon Valley. 

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