Secure Good Jobs for All of San Diego

As the national debate over income inequality rages on, San Diego security officers joined local elected officials, faith, labor and community groups to launch their campaign for good jobs in the security industry.

Detailed in a new report, “Secure Good Jobs for All of San Diego,” raising standards for more than 9,000 private sector security officers in the area would inject $244 million into the local economy and help reverse a recent trend of declining middle-class jobs in San Diego.

While private sector security officers in San Diego report a medium hourly wage of $10.50, sometimes a low at $9.00, with limited access to healthcare or benefits, security officers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, who have joined together in a union, are paid a minimum of $12.55 an hour, have employer-paid healthcare, paid sick days, vacation days and holidays along with a stronger voice on the job.

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