Clergy Bless Security Officer Picket Signs, Efforts to Rebuild Middle Class

…as Security Officers Prepare to Strike in the Bay Area and Los Angeles

San Francisco, CA – With a labor stoppage looking more possible every day, concerned clergy in the Bay Area and Los Angeles today blessed California security officers, their picket signs, and their efforts to rebuild our shrinking middle class.

Clergy bless security picket signs

“How our economy works and for the benefit of whom is very much a moral issue,” says Pastor BK Woodson, of the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice. “By standing up for good jobs with healthcare in California, these security officers are doing the Lord’s work.”

After contract negotiations for 7,000 security officers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles dragged on for six months until ending without an agreement on May 22, security officers have been preparing for a possible strike, which may come as early as June 3. Should a strike occur, security officers feel they have plenty of moral support. “Hold those picket signs up high as we will bless them as God blessed Moses’ staff,” said Reverend Israel Alvaran, of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice in San Francisco.

When last November officers began their campaign across the state for a better life, they were met with intimidation from their employers. As a result, security officers have overwhelmingly authorized their elected bargaining committee to call a strike.

Despite soaring profits for the real estate industry in California, security officers are paid far less than what it takes to raise a family and lack health insurance that’s affordable to use. Security contractors – particularly ABM Security and Universal Protection Service – are backing a plan with a high deductible, forcing most workers to pay for treatment out of their own pockets – a very difficult ask for people already making too little to live on.

Tomorrow, elected leaders in Los Angeles and San Francisco will call on all stakeholders to reach a fair agreement that will lead to broader prosperity in California.

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