Who’s Holding Us All Back?

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase could be a part of California comeback, instead they are sitting on $823 billion. That’s money that could be putting us back to work, instead it sits idle.

CEO James Dimon earns so much money that he could personally pay for the proposed $75 monthly healthcare co-pay for every janitor and still earn $15 million a year.

Douglass Emmett

CEO Jordan Kaplan makes an outrageous $9.9 million year. In less than six hours, he makes what a janitor makes in an entire year.

For the 1%, the $75 monthly healthcare co-pay seems like nothing. For a high-priced CEO like Kaplan, $75 is a tip after a couple of bottles of wine.

For a janitor, $75 is just about a day’s take home pay. For a janitor to make ends meet with $75 less per month means making choices no one should have to make. And for many families, it will mean skipping healthcare and hoping for the best.

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